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How might we make all hospital services accessible from a mobile device?

A mobile app designed for consumer engagement with a large health system.  

User Interface
User Experience
Product management

Our client was looking for a solution that would drive higher conversion rates of new patients and keep current patients happy. Given how clunky many hospital portals are, we thought a mobile app that would help patients manage their care, receive personalized content, engage with hospital staff, and ease their transportation to and from the hospital would increase patient satisfaction. 

Main Features

Patient Portal
New patient? Registered? Have Questions? Get started.
Home Page
Personalized home page with most recent alerts and tailored content to a patient's medical condition.
My Health
A summary of a patient's medical records in card format.

Instantly access patient health services.
Schedule a Primary Care Appt
Find a primary care doctor and make an appointment when they're next available.
Use Telehealth to Talk to Available Doctors

Pay Bills
Easily pay bills or get help from an expert.
Request an Uber to Your Appointment
View Past Appointments
Review doctor's notes, lab results, schedule follow ups, and review doctors.