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Website: Los Angeles Accessory Dwellng Unit Accelerator Program
Team: i-team, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office of Budget and Innovation

The Los Angeles Accessory Dwelling Unit Accelerator Program (LAADUAP) incentivizes ADU homeowners with a $10K grant to lease their Accessory Dwelling Unit to a housing insecure Angeleno. I joined a Program Manager, Design Researcher, and Research Intern within the i-team at the Mayor's Office of Budget & Innovation to co-develop content, prototypes, and manage production of the website towards completion along with the city's Information Technology Agency (ITA).
Content Design
Visual Design
High Fidelity Click Through Prototypes
Design Implementation on Drupal
Project Management
2.5 Months

Google Suite (Docs, Sheets)
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator
Drupal 7 Editor

Venice ADU by Duvivier Architects, featured on LAADAUP’s website

Why We Built this Website
  • To provide accessible and accurate resources for homeowners looking for information about building an ADU in Los Angeles
  • To provide prospective applicants information about our incentive program and application process

Initial design inspirations for the content architecture came from similar programs in the ADU space:

Design Principles
As a team, we wanted content to be:
  • Informative: including only the most pertinent information that minimizes confusion and points to additional and up-to-date points of contact
  • Accessible: from web accessibility standards to making sure the ADU Ordinance was written in layman's terms
  • Official: at the end of the day, all our copy would ultimately go through an extensive review process checking for tone, punctuation, and nonpartisanship
  • Visually appealing: but not to be confused with competitors' brand or style

Example of printable PDF resource I co-designed: Building an ADU Checklist

Continuous Iteration
As our content was running and undergoing several rounds of internal and departmental reviews and edits, I held status meetings and frequent check-ins with a team of developers and managers from the city's Information Technology Agency on meticulously making sure the Drupal template they were preparing for us adhered to the design style guide we had provided.

Example of additional style guide I made and shared with developers