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How might a consumer application help doctors obtain diabetes patient data to deliver better care? 

A mobile + Apple Watch app designed for diabetes management

User Research
User Interface
User Experience
Product management

The HexCare team was interested in leveraging data analytics platforms to assist doctors to deliver more personalized care to patients.  

User Research Insights
Our clients were new concierge doctors in the Southern California area. 
After several interviews with both concierge doctors and their patients, the HexCare team discovered that:

- 3/3 concierge doctors were more open to using new technology to manage their patients’ care
- 3/3 concierge doctors needed better ways of marketing themselves, and they considered ‘new technologies’ as a great way to do so
- 3/3 concierge doctors validated our hypothesis that more granualar data of their patients’ behavior in reponse to care plans would allow for more timely reponses and feedback between them and their patients

- 2/5 patients interviewed were open to the idea of voluntarily sharing their data, and found it a better alternative to donating money
- 4/5 patients interviewed currently logged their diet information and medications taken in a notebook. This method was not as consistent as they intended. 
- 1/5 were currently using some sort of wearable device to log their data 

Wanting to empower people with diabetes to take their illness on with their own hands, HexCare diabetes helps both patients and care takers monitor, track nutrition and excercise goals, and symptoms with a simple mobile interface. Continuous use of this data (as suggested by doctors) would be enough to create analytics reports for medical use. We also experimented with the idea of making diabetes data social by ‘donating data’ to health research institutions. We thought that the incentive of serving the science and research industry for others would motivate patients to use the care system and be more proactive--causing better preventative and personalized care from physicians and the patients themselves.

Next Iteration 
- Integration of predictive analytics technologies
- UX/UI nterfaces for both concierge doctors’ dashboards
- UX/UI of downloadable reports for both doctors and patients

Main Features

Login page
Users’ Home page features vitals, care plan details and other health data collected by integrating third party medical devices and wearables’ APIs.

Users can donate their data by uploading their most recent activity to the cloud of partnering research institutions
Users can quickly log symptoms through a smart system of selecting, adding, and searching.  
Users can make notes of their own goals and can review doctor notes and plans.

A simple Apple Watch interface was designed for quick data logging  from symptoms, medicine taken, excercise, and the option to share their data.